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Tracker Rental

Prices and information about trackers

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Event Organising

information on the services we can offer

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FAI Scoring Solutions

Different software available for scoring your event

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Tracking Solutions

Different ways you can track participants in your event

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Registration Solutions

How to register your participants into your event

Welcome To FlyEvent

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We provide tracking solutions for events.

Our tracking solutions are aimed primarily at Paragliding and Hang Gliding events, but we also provide solutions to gliding, motorcycle, rally, ultralight and many other forms of event that may want to track their clients.

Our trackers & systems provide information, safety and public view information.

Event Solutions

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We organise events, or supply solutions to manage your event.

After many years experience organising events, FlyEvent can offer you a 'turnkey' solution to operating your event for you.

We can also provide the infrastructure, both hardware or software, for you to manage your own event more effectively.