Competition Trackers

Organising a competition?

We can offer you trackers for your competitors, to keep them safe, watch the action as it unfolds and even to score the task as they land.

Currently we have over 500 trackers available for rental. They are all Flymaster trackers for the best quality currently available. Mostly they are the newer ‘360’ tracker, with a mix of 2G and 3G trackers, depending on where in the world your event is based. We also have a full set (x200) of F1 trackers from Flymaster, which perform as well as the 360’s, but are just physically a little larger.

The cost of rental varies according to the number of trackers you require, where the trackers will be operated and the length of the rental. Typical costs are around 15 euro per tracker, per event, including all data.

Please contact us on ‘‘ to request more information and arrange a rental.